February 2023

  • Published On 21st March 2023

BEST Events – Held @ Shaw Lane Sports Club, Barnsley


For further information the BEST Portal Website can be accessed at http://best.barnsleyccg.nhs.uk/


Medicines Management

Shared care and Amber-G guidelines can be found at the following link: http://best.barnsleyccg.nhs.uk/clinical-support/medicines/shared-care-guidelines/  An overview of Shared Care guidelines, including the Principles of Shared Care is available to read here.

Prescribers (including secondary care clinicians) are encouraged to report any problems they experience with shared care or other medicines related issue, particularly where guidelines are not being complied with, to the following email address: BarnsleyAPCReport@nhs.net.

With secondary care opening up activity and undertaking remote consultations, it has been reported that there has been increased pressure in primary care to undertake things they wouldn’t normally.  Due to this, the APC reporting has been temporarily expanded to capture any issues and these can be fed into the APC.  The hospitals need this information so that issues can be addressed.

Practices can now report any interface issues they have, as much as possible, via Barnsley LMC, which will then be submitted to the hospitals.

A list of Prescribing Guidelines is available to view here.

The Barnsley Area Joint Formulary is available to view here.

Medicines Management monthly Newsletters are available to view here.


Workload Shift

Barnsley LMC would like to remind all practices it is important that we receive examples of any workload shift.  Please provide examples of workload shift to barnsley.lmc@nhs.net in order that these can be taken to the meeting with Secondary Care.


Update on the Digital Firearms Flag

The digital firearms flag will soon be relaunched on SystmOne (TPP) and EMIS Web (EMIS) systems and is scheduled for deployment on Cegedim/Vision systems in March 2023. We anticipate the relaunch to take place towards the end of January. The digital marker and flag have been tested and brought before the Joint GP IT Committee since being taken down in July 2022. GPs should add the appropriate Snomed code to a patient’s record when they receive notification of a firearms certificate application or when a certificate is granted, and this will automatically add a marker to the patient’s record. If a potentially relevant condition of concern is added to their medical record during the application process or after a certificate has been issued, an alert will pop up. Further information will be announced in due course via the BMA and NHS Digital.


Reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes with statins


Draft guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends that the risk threshold at which statins should be offered to prevent cardiovascular events such as heart disease and strokes remains unchanged, but they can also now be considered for people at a lower threshold.


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Funding to speed up hospital discharge

The government has announced £200 million to fund extra beds in care homes and other settings, with a further £50 million earmarked for capital funding.


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NHS Pharmacy Contraception Service

Community pharmacies are an accessible and convenient place for people to receive advice and support for NHS contraception.

Since September 2021, NHS England has been testing the option for people to be offered a confidential consultation with a community pharmacist to access their next supply of oral contraception. This is for people who have been previously initiated on oral contraception by general practice, sexual health clinic or equivalent. Following the positive evaluation of this pilot, the service will be available nationally in Spring 2023.



Patient access to health information


Practices yet to switch on access to patient records are encouraged to use the resources available on FutureNHS and the NHS Digital website, particularly the readiness checklist and SNOMED code flowcharts.


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Diversity and Inclusion Calendar 2023


To create an inclusive workplace, it is essential to be aware of all the religious holidays, cultural occasions and national awareness days, weeks and months.


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Community Musculoskeletal Framework

Integrated high quality community musculoskeletal (MSK) services are integral to a productive high-performing healthcare system supporting the management of MSK conditions.

This framework will support integrated care systems to reduce community MSK waiting times while delivering best outcomes and experience for patients.


People, Partnerships and Place

Integrated care systems are legally responsible for leading the charge on using a localised approach to bring multiple aspects of the health care system closer together, and for working better with social care and other public services.

But this is far from a new aspiration – why should it be any different this time? The Nuffield Trust hosted a series of roundtables to discuss concerns with stakeholders and experts and understand how to ensure the aims are achieved. This briefing consolidates these findings and offers ways forward as the new era gets underway.


Reminder: Pulse oximeters available to support adults with COVID-19

Pulse oximeters are available for self-monitoring purposes by adults who have tested positive for COVID-19, to support the earlier detection of silent hypoxia. Pulse oximeters should be used in line with the COVID Oximetry @home standard operating procedurepatient safety netting leaflets and diaries. Oximeters can also be used as part of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) hubs and ARI virtual wards to support patient self-monitoring. Trusts, systems, maternity, ambulance services can request their oximeters free of charge. GP practices and care homes can also order through their ICB. Once received, orders will usually be processed and delivered in 5-7 working days. For queries please contact england.home@nhs.net.

Targeted Lung Health Checks programme set to start in Barnsley

People aged 55 to 74 who smoke or used to smoke will be offered a free NHS Lung Health Check. From February 2023, the Targeted Lung Health Check trucks will make their way to different neighbourhoods across Barnsley in a bid to find any lung problems early (often before you notice anything is wrong) and at a stage when treatment could be simpler and more successful – ultimately saving more lives. The programme targets those most at risk of developing lung cancer now or in the future. Anyone aged 55-74 who smokes or has smoked in the past and is registered with a Barnsley GP will be invited by letter for a free NHS Lung Health Check, and local GPs are urging those invited to keep their appointment. Read more here.


New State-of-the Art Machine Enables Faster, Less Invasive Treatment For Kidney Stones

Patients being treated for kidney stones at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will benefit from faster, non-invasive treatment thanks to a new state-of-the-art machine. Read more here.


Medical Certificates to Establish Unfitness For Jury Duty

Practices are reminded that medical certificates to establish unfitness for jury duty must be issued free of charge to a patient that requires one. For the full list of prescribed medical certificates issued free of charge, please see relevant GMS and PMS Regulations and APMS Directions.


LMC Buying Group                                                                                                                                              

Barnsley LMC has been a member of the LMC Buying Groups Federation since 2013. This means that practices can access the discounts the Buying Group has negotiated on a wide range of products and services.  If you’re not sure what the Buying Group is all about then this short video explains what they do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FekMwFI5ILg.


By registering with the Buying Group:  www.lmcbuyinggroups.co.uk/members/, you can view all the suppliers’ pricing, contact details and request quotes. The Buying Group also offers any member practice a free cost analysis which demonstrates how much money your practice could save just by swapping to buying group suppliers.  Tel: 0115 979 6910  Email: info@lmcbuyinggroups.co.uk   Website: www.lmcbuyinggroups.co.uk


We would also request that practices provide examples to Barnsley LMC of any patients who appear to have been waiting for an unreasonable amount of time for follow up appointments from the hospital that may be detrimental to patient care/outcome.